Parayso is slated to be the nearest private ultra-luxury community to the southwestern United States. Located on the northern coastline of the Sea of Cortez and only 100 miles from the border, residents benefit from both short drive and fly times in and out of the U.S. As an example, a flight from Phoenix is less than 160 air miles or about 45 minutes. The new International Airport (Del Mar de Cortez) officially opened for operations in January 2010. Private and chartered flights are operational and international commercial flights from Las Vegas have been periodically available. This new International Airport is a short 15-mile drive north to Puerto Peñasco and a 50-mile drive south to Parayso on the new Coastal Highway (Costera).

About Us

Parayso is located in a vibrant agricultural area which produces olives, grapes, oranges and asparagus in abundance. The area is blessed with deep aquifers providing more than enough fresh water to create a tropical paradise. Parayso will be the first ultra-luxury development of its kind anywhere in the world. The 700-acre state-of-the-art optically secured beach site with security team will be limited to 20 ultra-luxury homes built on extraordinarily large 5 to 15 acre sites, or combinations thereof, boasting world-class amenities including a superb and challenging Championship golf course designed with every attention to detail for both beauty and play. It is where the casual lifestyle meets elegance and where families and friends build relationships and memories. The natural beach dunes rise to 90 feet with most sites enjoying panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez, where whales and dolphins play daily and the sunsets never disappoint.